maybe it's the sleeping pills, maybe it's being sleep-deprived for some reason....

last night, i dreamt that i was back at my old job and all these clients were leaving to go somewhere else and they kept coming to tell me how much they were going to miss me. i used to work in a tax office, so why the heck was i getting hugs and kisses?

i go outside and across the street is an escalator that goes nowhere, seriously. so i go up it, get to the top and have to jump down to get off. when i jump down, i land in the middle of trays of jewels! i pick up a ruby ring and put it on, then walk back across the street where instead of my office there's a ferry terminal and all these passengers are getting off a boat.

i turn back to where the escalator was and it's like something out of Hong Kong - shops and tiny restaurants and giant neon signs on top and thousands of people everywhere.

behind me i hear a person calling my name and there's this girl i used to know years ago in a HUGE white 30's-style car with the top down. i go get in and she starts driving out of the city.

in no time, we're at another part of the river/lake/ocean and it's dotted with islands with houses on them. the girl driving heads for a boat launch ramp and drives down it into the water and just like James Bond, the car acts like a boat and off we go to one of the islands!

we drive up a boat ramp on one of the islands to a big white house with a massive wrap-around porch and go inside. a woman i know slightly named Heather is there and she says we're in time for lunch but she will give me a tour first.

we go to the other side of the island and it's like being in the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River because there are massive cargo liners on the other side

and that is where i woke up!

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