that's a slap in the face. not only do new hires get paid more then us, but people across the hall gets paid more as well? as much as 3 times as more then us? if they quit, we can do their jobs as well as our own. if we quit, this place has to shut down. where's the respect? i'm so over this place. i so want a new job i would be appreciated. i'm gettin to the point i dont even care what job, just a job where they just dont blow smoke up your bum telling what a good working you are and how they couldnt save all those lives with out you, but then pay you barely above minimum wage and when you explain you need more money they tell you no its not in the budget. but someone who you see taking 3 hour long lunch breaks may be making $56,000? why did i waste my time in college? I could had just got this job right out of high scholl and not have the 40,000$ in school loans to pay off, and i would be maing triple of what i am making now!