I have to say it depends on how much i like the art. i have been a fan of polansky before knowing about the pedephile charge. i have never been a fan of woody allen because i thought he was obnoxious. he always portrayed himself in his own movies as this love god and it was just unbelievable to me. i never enjoyed his movies. what chris brown did to rhianna is between the two of them and none of my business. if she forgave him, why should i care. i have never been a fan before and not a fan now. before i make judgements on the artist, i try to get the facts. if there are victims, if the victims have moved on and the artist has shown remorse and have not been a repeat offender i can easily still enjoy the art. if this is not the case i would have more trouble doing so. if its a victimless crime adn the person is just rude or a jerk or just a mean person, 9 times out of 10 this will reflect in their work and i wont like it anyway. if i have always been a fan, i would be heart broken, but would still enjoy their art, but would be more willing to do my own research and make my own decision to believe them and continue to be a fan and support them. as for forgiving them, they did nothing to me so i have nothing to forgive. they need forgivness form those they harmed, not me.