I'm at work so I haven't had time to read the Yahoo and e-how answers, but here's what we did in my last job.

First of all, we had an HR dept. which you don't have, but I cleared what action to take with them first.

Is there a senior admin. type in your organization or an office manager? S/he should send around a memo about personal hygiene to everyone so that the person doesn't feel singled out.

Another idea (which we didn't have to do) is to have someone put a bar of soap and deodorant on the offending person's desk. In lieu of that, you can print out something from yahoo or e-how and leave it on the person's desk so that s/he will get the message.

You shouldn't have to put up with that. Please let us know how you handle it. Even in US prisons the inmates shower twice a week and are given deodorant to use.
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