I never had an iPhone and don't have much experience playing with it personally, but I do have the iPod Touch and it does everything but make calls. For the last 4 years i have had blackberrys. I just got the Samsung S3 and I absolutely love it. My sis got it for Christmas and after playing with it I fell in love. T-mobile was having a deal where you get the phone for $0 so I jumped on the deal (well my mom did. Ive been eligible for an upgrade for over 2 years now).

It's so convenient having a phone with internet (lol. Even though I had a blackberry I didnt have internet with my plan. It was a waste becsuse browsing on the blackberry was frustrating. When I upgraded with the s3 I had to upgrade my plan as well). I have T-mobile. The plan is way more expensive than the other one I was on.

I love how fast it is. I'm new to 4G and it's awesome. I love the bigger screen. The picture quality is excellent. The camera is really nice. Even though it is a pretty big phone it isn't bulky or heavy. If you have small hands you'll surely need both of them to work this phone. Mine arent even that small and I need both hands most of the time. Not really a deal breaker though. One thing I hate about the small screen on the iPod is that selecting text is such a PITA. Sometimes I want to edit one letter in a word and its so hard getting the cursor to just sit right next to the word. Instead it highlights the whole word and I have to struggle and strategize to get the cursor in the right place but most of the time I end up just deleting the whole thing, which I can't stand!! This phone makes editing a breeze.

The sound quality is great but one thing I can't stand are the headphones this phone comes with. I absolutely hate in ear headphones. They seem to be becoming standardized and for the life of me I can't understand why. I was in need of new headphones and I was hoping these came with a nice pair I could wear until I could afford some beats or something, but these ain't it. They sound fine but they are so uncomfortable and don't fit. In ear headphones shouldn't exist.

I've said a lot already so I'll end there.

Overall I love the s3.

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