We got new phones from work a few weeks ago.
Our chooses were iphone 5, samsung s3, and motorola x somewhat.

My chose was the s3.
I love it, but the 'iphone gang' seems to be happier.... I dont know why...
Nothing can be done by their iphones that cannot be done by my S3. RealIy, I haven t found One thing...Not yet...

But they are cooler, certainly...

Batteries suck. All of them.
Originally Posted by maria_i
But at least you can take out/replace the Samsung batteries. You can't remove the iphone batts.

Honestly, what Mrspoppers said above is the strongest plus on the side of iphone5 that I have heard yet. That the Droids are all third party equipment that the cellular carrier needs to troubleshoot is a pain.

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