We got new phones from work a few weeks ago.
Our chooses were iphone 5, samsung s3, and motorola x somewhat.

My chose was the s3.
I love it, but the 'iphone gang' seems to be happier.... I dont know why...
Nothing can be done by their iphones that cannot be done by my S3. RealIy, I haven t found One thing...Not yet...

But they are cooler, certainly...

Batteries suck. All of them.
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But at least you can take out/replace the Samsung batteries. You can't remove the iphone batts.

Honestly, what Mrspoppers said above is the strongest plus on the side of iphone5 that I have heard yet. That the Droids are all third party equipment that the cellular carrier needs to troubleshoot is a pain.
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I've replaced my iPhone 4 battery. It's very simple but you need a special tiny screwdriver. I have some from microcenter or you can order a battery that comes with one or order it separately. I also replaced the back with one with a design. Mine cracked and I was going to get a standard black but saw a cool white butterfly one. I'm sure you could do it to the s3 too. Just in case that even matters to you.

My iPhone battery also charges pretty fast. Seems to be much faster than the s3.