I'm getting a haircut this weekend with this stylist that I've never been to. she's a curly/wavy hair specialist and I've read a lot of reviews about her and how she's really good, but one thing that puts me off is that she does is "dry" haircuts. Every time I get dry haircuts I get split ends pretty much a day after the cut. also I wanted to get my hair thinned out and it doesn't really harm follicles if its done wet. so my question is how do I tell her I want her to cut my hair wet? I don't want to seem rude but I don't want to pay money for my hair to get it not exactally how I want it to be. please help!!
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I'm a little confused about why you're going to this stylist in the first place. She specialized in dry cuts. Wouldn't you want someone who specialized in wet cuts? Which is actually easier to find!
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