I had an iPhone for about a month and quickly got rid of it. Of course I wanted it for the hype but at the end of the day I'm an android girl..

It froze on me and I had to replace it and the second one would freeze while trying to answer calls. Wouldn't let me swipe to answer. The only way to truly get the phone working in a way that was better for me was to jailbreak it.. Did that, liked it better, but not enough..

The S3 is not a phone I would recommend either.. Its a flimsy build and I've seen quite a few broke ones..

The newer Motorola phones are great. Especially since Google bought Motorola, expect to see updates and better software available quicker. Verizon has a few nice ones right now.. I'm rocking a Motorola Atrix HD myself... But I'm sooooooooo tempted to get the Nexus 4... (Phone junkie confessions Lol)

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