You're going to make fun of my jeans again, aren't you?
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At least you're wearing pants. A lot of people at teh Wal-marts don't.

I think Springy sent some of her karma my way. I have so many spiders, that I never understand why you ladies freak out.

Well, I was taking a shower this morning and I went to go reach for shower poof and this bug was on it. I FREAKED out

I snapped this pic with my camera phone before I grabbed a hanger and tried to drown it. Tried, because I didn't see it go down the drain. So I have to deal with it when I get home
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Mr. Spring found a spider in the leg of his motorcycle pants as he was putting them on. This would be ok if he was in the garage when it happened, but he was UPSTAIRS IN HIS BATHROOM. The same floor my bathroom is on which means this could also happen to me. Bring on the bug spray and if that doesn't work bring on the fireball.

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