:disg ust:

does anyone have a person who you avoid because they used to have a massively creepy crush on you that made you feel uncomfortable so you stopped talking to them, and everytime you're in the same town you know they live in you don't go anywhere for fear of seeing them?

That's how I feel every time I go home, which is primarily why I don't like to go anywhere in my town, I literally stay home or go to a different town when I go home.

Sometimes I wish my parents would move to a different town so I could be set free from this mental burden.

It's been like 5 years since I've seen this person, so I'm sure they've moved on but it still scares me. Because they were creeepily obsessed, even after I distanced myself from them they asked my friend if I was still alive because they were worried for me, a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I've been living with these annoying feelings for basically 5 years, I want them to stop, I'm sure they've gone on to creepily obsess over someone else.

I just think what if I saw them what would I do?? What would they do? Probably not talk to me because they were creepy. Like that kid that was always behind Helga Patacki on Hey Arnold.

Related story,
My friend went to a technical college for summer school and had a guy in her class become creepily crushed/infatuated with her, she went back to my school and told me that he messaged her on Fb and said that they were transferring to our school, but she cut off all contact with him, then a couple of weeks ago she found out he died in a car wreck and she felt really bad about it.

Anyway i have all these feels and it's annoying.
How do I make my brain stop?

Anyway I made a thread about this like my first post like five years ago and wrote it in text lingo and everyone accused me of being a troll