Hello all! I figured I would post this here instead of the color forum, as it usually gets more noticed. I am also hoping poemaxx will come give me more henna advice.

Anywhoodles, I did a henna color on my hair a little over two months ago. My light brown roots are coming in and I should really touch them up soon. My question is how can you tell whether a henna mixture has gone bad? When I hennaed my hair the first time I mixed up way too much (from internet instructions) so I have enough to probably do my whole head if it hasn't gone bad.

I left this henna sitting around for about a week, because I wanted to henna my friends hair too. (In hindsight I should have refrigerated it. :P) Then I put it in the freezer for a good while. It probably thawed during my 7 hour drive back home from college, but I put it in the freezer again after that. It looks really black now and I don't think it's green anymore. I have more henna powder I can mix up, but do you think I should use the one I have in the freezer or not?
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I am a traditional Indian girl who used to henna tatto my hands all the time. so here goes my experience.

Henna turns black when kept unused,its natural and doesnt mean it has gone bad. As far as you dont see fungus forming on top of that it is in good shape.

if you mix it really well, it should come back with a dark green color again.you can add warm water to it to bring it back to life. Also another quick test you can do is to apply just a tint little bit of henna on the under area of your foot and you can see the orange color once you remove it in couple minutes.Hope this helps
3a with some 2a-2c, Medium/Low Porosity
Co-wash:deva no-poo/Vo5 kiwi
Leave-in:Shea Moisture/GVP conditioning Balm/AOHSR

Since long hair- I finger twist in big chunks, which helps till 5th day hair
Gel:LA sports
Plop: Old T-shirt for 15 minutes ,diffuse