anyway the partial reason I posted that is one, I'm tired of belonging to weeny hut junior, for being scared of someone who probably has moved on with their life

AND then I feel guilty for being an a55 to this person, like maybe I shouldn't have been so mean to him and then maybe I wouldn't be so scared. Because i did tell him to f**K off pretty much because he wouldn't stop calling and hanging up and harassing me. Kind of like how a teenage girl typically does to a guy in movies.

And I feel like I wonder if I have bad karma for leading him on, because I never liked him and I would talk to him like you would talk to a casual schoolmate or friend I had no interest in him. And then I think no one is ever gonna like me because of this bad karma. I don't know.

One time he told me that he found black people the most attractive, I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a pick up line, but it was the worst one on the planet, even in my high school brain that's like the ultimate, ummmm boy bye pick up line I've ever heard. Even if he looked like James Franco and said that, I'd have to diss him immediately for a line like that.