Takes her forty minutes if she's quick. Same for me. We really are hair twins and we've been BFFs and frizz sisters since kindergarten. That's why I want her to let me experiment with her hair so badly! Plus she was my inspiration in a way. It's like paying it forward.
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This sounds like me and one of my childhood friends. I started accepting my curly hair a lot sooner than her. When she saw my hair she would always ask for advice, but I think she was also reluctant to spend a lot of time/money learning how to care for her curls. One christmas or birthday I just mailed her the curly girl book--she no longer lives in the same town as me--and I've started to notice her wearing her hair down and curly much more often. Change takes time but if you plant the seeds it will eventually happen. The product kit is a good idea too.
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Oh yay! It's waterlily! (Your reputation precedes you.) I'm excited to learn you visit these boards. Oh, I am definitely going to include the book in the kit. I think I'll make it very pretty like a gift basket. Since her time is valuable I can always do the prep for her. If it works I'll do it for the other curly girls in my life who might be interested. Thanks for chiming in.