I had two great interviews yesterday!

One was for a job back in the theatre world. The guy went on and on about my former boss, how he admires him more than most...I'm glad Former Boss posted that glowing letter on LinkedIn, so now there can be no question about whether or not he is saying anything remotely negative about me.

I told this guy who my favorite playwright was, and he said he went to college with her (forty years ago) and she wrote him a musical as a class project and he went-on to sing songs from it and tell me all about it! That had to be a good sign...

They asked if I'd be able to leave my current theatre job (which is mostly done remotely).

Fingers crossed!

The second was a non-profit that works with the blind. A lot of the staff was blind, which was pretty fascinating to me. They were really nice.

I'm pretty exhausted, and might take a break from applying until after the New Year...

This year has stunk!

Plus, my mother is up for Christmas and I seriously feel like my blood pressure is off the charts just having her in the same state. OMG. Glad to be working so much between now and Christmas Eve.
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And at my interview, I spoke to four people...two of which seemed to be completely blind.

I got a second interview call today!

I'm actually going to be a little disappointed if I tell my mother about this and she DOESN'T say, "...that's because they didn't know what you looked like..."

Either way, I will be using this exact situation in a script.