Weird! I didn't know FB ate your posts if you disable your account. Random.

I'll be back in a few days (or tonight, if I can even make it that long...LOL). I just don't trust myself not to smart off about this thing with my in-laws. They didn't deserve what was done to them. Honestly, I feel like the pastor could've handled this a million times better. Because he basically fired my BIL and said, "Don't come back," everyone's going to assume my BIL did something awful because otherwise, they'd be having a going away party or taking up an offering to help them out or something. Instead, there's this cloud hanging over the situation because of how it was handled. It makes me so angry. My SIL and her family are good people. I've been in church long enough to know that people will speculate and gossip about them when they did nothing wrong but give of their time and lives to help people out.

Working for a church isn't just a 9-5 job that you can leave at the office. It involves going to every baby and bridal shower and funeral, plus volunteering your personal time and family time to help out at church functions. You visit sick people in the hospital and cook dinners. To just tell someone after 14 years of that kind of service, "Yeah, you shouldn't come back," and just cut them off from every relationship they've built over the years is so heartless and cold. It's not right. It could've been handled right. However, I don't want to make what they're going through worse because I want to open up a can of whoop-a$$ on some people.

I really want to post that t-shirt on my old pastor's FB page. This is how I know it's a good idea to take a break.
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Please pardon my ignorance, but can you get kicked out of church? I would go to church with BIL and the entire family as a sign of solidarity to let thoes people know you all aren't ashamed of anything. I don't know, I think people would make more assumptions if you all stopped going. Like you were hiding from something.

But like I said, I don't know what church you go to and I could be talking out of turn. Sorry if I am.