I have 2b hair &I'm really frustrated with how gross & different it turns out each time.
My 2b hair is quite thick and reaches a little below my shoulders. Depending on the day it can be very spirally or very S shaped.
It is unreliable in the fact that if I get out of the shower, depending on how long I take to get in my clothes, It can already start drying and turn out differently depending on how wet it is.
What I hate the most is how frizzy it can sometimes get up by the scalp or just all over, and be flat on the top.
I have been trying everything in my power to try to find a good curly hair routine.
•plopping doesn't seem to work
•the curly girl method makes my hair greasy
•diffusing is a risk in which no matter what it can make my hair very frizzy or not really do anything for it.
I own a multitude of products: noodle head products, herbal essence mousse, ojon spray(for frizzy/damaged hair), and sexy curly hair creme(which I use now). I have also tried gel before.
I have a good hair stylist who works at a professional hair salon.
But I'm stumped.
I'm 15 years old, almost 16, so I can't exactly afford high end products, I won't be able to drive to places myself, or order products from online.
My hairstylist isn't quite cheap..so I've been awhile without a hair cut and color touch up (cough..5 months..its not quite fun but, oh well.)
So that may have some effect, but still, its pretty much like this anyways.
Any help would be fantastic!

Oh yes and over time throughout the day my hair can turn out like this

I consider that to be a "good day" even though it is still quite frizzy.
Lately its been flat and frizzy, notice how my scalp is still flat.

I feel so low self esteemed sometimes because my hair can turn out so crappy...and I really want nice wavy/curly hair, or even straight or something other than mine!
I never know different cute up-do's to do, and my hair paired with the glasses I sometimes wear make me feel like I look ridiculous...idk.
I'm sick of stressing over it.

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