Hi catspajamas.

I have mostly type 2b hair as well, and the part that's driving you most crazy --- the unpredictability--- is the feature it freed me most to embrace. Instead of fighting of trying hard to control my hair everyday, I learned to just sort of go with it. This is actually fun, as long as you're confident in your cut.

I don't think your hair looks frizzy in your photo. I think that clumping might help you, and also, fewer, more blended layers. Youtube probably has some good videos on how to diffuse; it took me a few years (I'm not kidding) to learn how to get good results that way.

Finally, give yourself a break. If you're worn out, just let it dry naturally for a few days and see what it does. At the very least, you'll learn where the S curves appear, so you can help them along when you feel like trying again.

Hang in there --- type 2 hair is neither fish nor fowl, but that's what makes it interesting.


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