Oh, Korkscrew. I am so sorry. I was afraid of stepping on your toes and now it appears I've made you wary of stepping on mine. Never fear. I totally understand what you're saying and I agree with it 100%. I remember reviewing a film (it wasn't particularly good so this is not a recommendation) which I think was called "Sea of Love" some years ago. It featured an actress with the frizziest hair but it suited her so well and she looked gorgeous. Same for the woman you pictured. Yes, she is lovely. And if I had her bone structure and facial symmetry I'd let my frizz/curls fly any which way. I also love Malcolm Gladwell although I have to admit I've never given much thought to his hair or anyone else's until very recently. Now I notice curls everywhere. Haha. And my dear friend was just visiting me and showing me pictures of her boyfriend in the morning with his afro out of control. He's definitely 4B to say the least. I told her he should leave it that way more often. It really suited him. So yes, it depends on the individual. I'm just not so keen on my frizz 'cuz I associate it with all the social mores and teasing I received as a child.

Oh, and my mother taught me the trick of straightening my bangs, too! She told me if a little bit looked neat front and center it made the rest of the hair look better. I got what she was saying, of course, and agreed with it to an extent, but to me there was always a strange dichotomy there so I stopped rocking that 'do around 19. I'm glad to done with it, I tell you. I love my curly tendrils now.
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Hey, not problem Yes, I recall Sea of Love, vaguely. I don't recall the woman w/curly hair though. Am sure I'll get around to watching that film again and will be on the look out for her hair ... Know what you mean about social mores and how people tease us curlies about frizz. I've internalized some of that too. Now I'm making a conscious effort to let go of some of it. It is a challenge at times. Even as recently as today I overheard a comment about it on TV lol. But I'm glad you & I communicated about this. It's good to connect with a fellow curly ... I figure we're in this thing together

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