My hair is shoulder length, low porosity coarse type 2 hair and is always frizzy. its wavy on top and whirly on bottom. I have tried jessicurl and bumble and bumble creams and they provided curl enhancement but no frizz control. any recommendations???
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I'm a 2c and use CK. For me frizz control is a process based on product use and how I manipulate my hair. In a nutshell...out of the shower with hair dripping wet I scrunch out excess water using microfiber towel, then I squirt CK in my hands and scrunch it in. For me starting with less product is better. Make sure you scrunch it up to the roots. I normally tilt my head to the side so it's not as hard to hit the canopy. If it's still too wet I will hit it with the microfiber again. Then I plop using a t shirt, apply my makeup, dress, etc. Then I take it out of the shirt and carefully apply clips to the crown for lift. If I notice any flyaways I apply a little more CK. I don't scrunch it in (generally) I just kind of pat it on top and/or sweep it on top. At this point I scrunch a bit of Pantene mousse into the ends and scrunch up. Again manipulating very little just gently scrunching trying to get a decent handful of hair, cup it in my hand, and work my way up. I like side swept bangs so I do blow them out and clip them back. Then I just don't touch my hair again until it's pretty well dry. You can tell when to take the clips out because you'll probably have crunch to your hair and/or you can feel the curl on the canopy is stable. Do I still get frizz? Sometimes! But for the most part this works for me. Sometimes I'll even just spritz a little water on top and that helps too.

For second day hair and help with frizz I sleep on a silk pillow (oh my I wish I would of bought one LONG ago!). I DO NOT pineapple at night. For me it just causes frizz on the top and pulls out my curl pattern. Again, this is what works for me. Everyone is different

Maybe post your routine and others can help. Good luck! I still struggle at times.