this is my first time posting and i've been reading this site for a while now but i've reached the point of desperation.

i have hair that's a little bit curlier than 3b. i've gone through very short periods of straightening various times in my life, (like a few days for a special occasion), and the last time i did it was around two years ago.

for some reason, my hair is extremely dry and brittle whenever it dries. i have to drench it in product after product, but nothing works. the only thing that worked for me a bit started to cause bad breakouts, so i had to stop using it. i've even been using coconut oil different ways for the past 6 months or so, and it hasn't done anything. IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE.

when i step out of the shower, my hair barely takes any time to dry. it feels like straw as soon as i shake off the excess water. the back barely even curls anymore and is way shorter than the front—i think it's the most damaged part. i stopped using shampoo regularly almost a year ago because i realized how drying it was. i've tried cowashing, the CG method, going without washing for a while, coating it with tons of different products and coconut oil, an olive oil deep condition, a coconut oil deep condition, and absolutely nothing works, and it's like my hair refuses to produce any natural oils.

it won't absorb any moisture, either.

i love the way my hair looks when it's half dry and hanging down, and i wish i could find a (preferably) natural moisturizer that would last longer than an hour and really help my hair to look nice and healthy again, even if it's not. i don't want to keep caking my hair in greasy "moisturizers". it makes it look dull and gross and none of them work anyway.

long story short, i am DESPERATE for a way to restore moisture. i know i sound frantic, but i'm so frustrated. my hair is so incredibly dry that i can't do anything with it. it's just straw, actual straw. i want something that can moisturize and help weigh my hair down at the same time, but nothing too heavy. i want something that will stretch out my hair a bit (because when it's half wet it looks wavy and a lot longer/nicer) and make it softer.

i know my hair can look pretty and i know that it's possible for me to like it with moisture. i don't want to hate my hair forever. it's damaged, but it's not like i can cut it off, you know?

i know this is really long...can anyone give me any suggestions?

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