Fifi, i LOVE that you had to go buy glitter nail polish in between battles!

last night i had a bunch of strange dreams...

#1 - i'm coordinating a big move from an old hospital building to a new one. the dream starts with a committee meeting in a big boardroom where everyone is trying to figure out how to get things from the old building to the correct department in the new building.

i pipe up and suggest we colour-code everything; use coloured duct tape on the boxes and equipment, put colour cardboard signs at each new department and give the movers colour t-shirts to match so there's no confusion.

the next thing i know, it's moving day and i'm standing with a clipboard in a hall marking off all the activity around me as items are removed from the old building.

#2 - in the little apartment building i lived in when i was first on my own in Toronto, we banded together to form a tenants' association after the building tried to raise our rent an astronomical amount. in my dream, i was delivering notices of an upcoming meeting to all the apartments. except this building didn't look much like the one i actually lived in! LOL!

my old building was small and the hallways were U-shaped and dark with no light. they had ugly wallpaper and dark carpets on the floors. in the dream, the walls were smooth plaster with tile floors and lots of light coming in through glass doors in the stairwells. the halls were also meandering and each floor had a different layout!

the meandering layout was good because i was trying to avoid running into anyone. but i was having trouble getting to the top floor; and i woke up when i got to the door of that floor.

#3 - i don't remember much about this one, but i'm sitting at my desk at work and the fire alarm goes off. that thing is LOUD and annoying.

we're waiting for the announcement to tell us if it's a false alarm or the real deal, but nothing happens and then smoke starts coming in through the air vents. i pick up my phone and hit the "page" button (which i don't have) and tell everyone to evacuate the building.

as we leave exit the building, i see someone trying to run through the crowd that's gathered outside.

then i woke up.

i also remember a snippet of a dream where i was talking to my sister and telling her that we're moving in 6 weeks and ask why she hasn't started packing yet. but that could be something that really happened 7 years ago!

my brain was on overdrive last night...

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