i can't cut it off...i'm 16 and way too attached to it. it's not like cutting it off is going to cause healthy hair to magically take its place, so why can't i just keep the possibly damaged hair and make it look nice?
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I think people are overlooking the obvious. What is your diet like? A healthy diet = healthy skin = healthy scalp = enough sebum to nourish and moisturize your hair day in and day out. How much water do you drink a day? 8 glasses sounds like a lot but I've been doing that since I was eleven years old and my skin is very healthy. So is my scalp now that I'm CG and not stripping it daily with detergents or smothering it with silicones. (I also moisturize it once every two weeks or one with coconut oil per waterlily716's wonderful suggestion. Winter on the west coast is so dry.) Second you need protein because your hair IS protein. That will fortify it and keep it strong. I'm not saying you should go out and eat a ton of hamburgers or red meat because that indeed might make things worse. I mean lean fresh protein like chicken breast or fish (no more than two servings a day) or eggs, cheese, skim milk, whey protein, whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts. Lastly you need lots of veggies and fruits for the vitamins. A, C, E and the B ones. If applying moisturizing products topically is not working, I think there must be some sort of deficiency. I saw a child with hair much the same years ago an it turns out her household pantry was full of junk food and she hadn't seen a vegetable her entire life! That was very extreme because she was a kid you know and they tend to be resilient. But this may not be the case with you. You might have a great diet and something else may be at play. It's just where my mind went.