All my dreams lately are about work. Boring days at work. Or when things go wrong, I live through it again in my head.

My coolest dream ever was a few years back, when I was going to university.... in my dream, my alarm went off, and I woke up, got out of bed.... and my walls were purple (they're brown). I realized this was wrong, and woke up. I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and realized that instead of the tiny stand up shower, there was a shower with tub attached... again I realized this was wrong and woke up. The next time I managed to get to the kitchen where I realized we had no appliances anymore, and woke up again. The last time I managed to get through my shower, breakfast, get my stuff, then I walked outside and the sky was this weird neon green/purple.... That time I woke up, ACTUALLY woke up.

I spent the whole d*** day looking for things that were wrong because I thought I was still dreaming...

The only miniseries dream I ever had was when I was a kid... I fell off a cliff, and it took me a week to get to the bottom (though I never actually hit bottom the last dream I stopped an inch from the ground). It was years before I could stand on the edge of a cliff, or a tall building and not have a panic attack.