CurlyCarmen! Your hair is beautiful! I see from your pictures (Oyster card!) that you're from London!! Do you shape/trim your hair? If so, where do you get it done? It's so hard to find someone in London who can cut curly hair.
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Thank you so much! I am from London, yes I don't trim or shape my hair, but I do search and destroys. I am also looking for somewhere I can get a good curly cut, but I am too scared! Let me know if you find one though ..

Amazing hair!!
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Thank you!

Pretty! Yeah, I'm also partial to the Superman style
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Thanks hun

BSL stretched (longest it's ever been and growing rapidly!), past shoulder curly. Hair goal is hip length.

3a-b/f-m/ii. Soft and silky texture and prone to tangles. Can't get second day hair, even if I kissed the feet of fairy's

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