So, I decided to try out a new look and decided to get honey blonde highlights in my black hair. My hairdresser said that we should only do a few so it won't damage my hair too much. They look great and my hair straightens nicely without getting frizzy however, when I wear my hair natural, it looks awful! The bleached strands are now wavy and flat. My hair is so rough which is definitely a change because my hair was always soft. I love my highlights and think they look really pretty but this killed my hair. What products do you recommend to put some moisture in it and spring up my curls? FYI, I have a very sensitive scalp so no cones please and I am protein sensitive.


3a/3b curls.
Medium texture, medium porosity, and extremely protein sensitive.
Moderate CG? No harsh sulfates, limited 'cones.
Poo: L'oreal Ever Sleek
Condish: GVP Conditioning Balm
Deep Condish: L'oreal Ever Pure
Styling products: Bumble & Bumble smoothing creme, Not Your Mother's Curl Creme, and Giovanni gel.