We have had a lot of growth in the company I work for in the last year. We have a new manager, which came and was given the task of reorg/changing the process. I got the short end of the stick bc as a result,she took all the important accounts and basically left us with the crap work.Any ways,it was kind of a blessing in disguise because I was way over my head with work.Now I can breath,at least.
I have gone back to doing more IT software stuff,which I did years ago and I thrilled to get back to. Officially I am part of the data dept.

So...that is the short background.

Well, this manager is also in charged of another department,which is part of the call center. She is the pharmacist/Senior director so she is newer but has been given quite a bit of leash in the reorganizing of
the company. The call center and their managers had a meeting where they brought up a problem they are having with the receptionist.
The call center, shares the receptionist duties when she is absent, at lunch , which is about 2 or 3 hours a day on a normal day. Apparently the call center is complaining that they have to perform their normal duties and step away too to fill in for the receptionist.

Well this woman volunteered my dept to help out the receptionist too!

Well, my department and I were going to flip out when we heard this!I
am so angry and upset that she would think of us as being able to fill in this duty.
Please don't tell me there is nothing wrong with this. It sure as heck is wrong for me and step in the wrong direction (career wise,I mean).
I don't think I could even fake siting at the receptionist desk. I have been crying about this,I work very hard for that company. This is a slap in the face. I feel like I am closer to a demotion. That woman thinks we are that skill level?? Everyone in my team is overqualified to be a receptionist.

What should we do on Monday?