I am new to CG (been doing it since Christmas--or at least thought I was) with AMAZING results immediately Because all of the ingredients were overwhelming/confusing to me when I first started, I looked at some blogs that had lists of CG friendly products and bought based off of those lists.

Now that I'm beginning to understand the ingredients better I looked again at the back of the products I bought-- Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Fructise Tripple Nutrition Conditioner. Both were on several "CG safe" lists, and now I'm realizing that BOTH have Dimethicone!

Well, now I'm REALLY confused. Is there some reason I don't know about that these are CG approved or were they mistakenly on the lists? And furthermore, my hair has been doing AMAZING using these products with Dimethicone. I thought my hair looked great because I did away with the 'cones, etc. etc. Now I'm wondering, is Dimethicone actually GOOD for some people? And if not, why does my hair look so good all of the sudden!?

FYI- I have 3a/3b porous hair, seems to really like protein.