I would say suck it up for now. But my question is, why does so many people have to cover for the recpetionist? Why doesn't the company just hire a back up recepetionist? is she not doing her job or does she take off that much?
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Good question. I didn't want to include the reason why in my original post bc I didn't want to make it very long. They are very strict and anal about the reception desk. The owners are very disrespectful to whomever sits there because they think nothing of them. They get called names, yelled at and put down if they think you didn't take a call the proper way. So as a result, nobody wants to help her. She is not allowed to move from her desk because if a call comes in and goes to vm, that is a crime. They started to do a schedule and that has helped for a while. But now the call center is complaining about it. So my manager thought that adding more people to the mix would help.
It is not going to help the real problem in the end.

Certain people they respect and they don't yell at. I am one of them.
I've been there 5 years and have never been yelled at.