A male thinking it's ok to stalk and harass you is NEVER your fault. I agree with Saria that it's total male privelege to think that's ok. I had a guy who I had been friends with for 3 years suddenly stop talking to me and freak out pestering all our mutual friends asking why I was mad at him, blah blah blah. I had always made it clear we were purely platonic, but he ran out of other people to obsess over and decided to ruin our friendship. He knew I went to a lot of minor league baseball games so went until he figured out the pattern of which days I went and what area I sat in, and would sit in the stands and stare at me. I had to recruit male coworkers and friends to go with me so I would feel safe to be at the games, and without my pointing him out they all knew who it was because he just stared the whole game. Ever game I went to.

It seems I don't know how to use a Swiffer? Maybe there was a part missing? Who knows!

I really want a ****ing eclair. I still want to make coffee-filled eclairs. Or napoleons with caramelized puff pastry and a layer of chocolate sponge with alternating coffee pastry cream and vanilla creme diplomat. And maybe crushed coffee bean nougatine. I need to make that happen.

Not having a pet, not drinking coffee, not eating boxed/convenience foods, and having no use for or interest in Trader Joe's (I'd go to visit RCC, though), and loathing crockpots for actual cooking sometimes makes me feel thoroughly alien on these boards.
I'm like the one you point to and go "yeah, that weird one in the corner".
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I think I just want you to have my address.

And have you looked around here? Plenty of weirdos to go around! I'm the crazy horse lady, and I'm sure everyone thinks I'm nuts. And Spring is the crazy who lets her dog unwrap her gifts....
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!