Ok, after bleeding for about nearly 2 hours, I got up and went. I asked if they could just look at it (I was prepared to just get supplies from the drugstore). She could tell that I felt like an idiot and was really nice. You were right, no stitches, glue. The cuts weren't super deep (just bleeders, which started again as soon as she touched me). Plus, one cut was too close to my fingernail.

Thanks for putting up with me while I was being a wuss.

Before all of this, I re-organized my pantry and was all excited to share. The last step was putting blender up.

Saria, I agree with you about the crockpot and I fought the it for many years. But working full time and the home business are eating up so much time it's either crockpot or fast food/takeout during the week. I bought ingredients for 3 different meals today