Hi there

|'m a 2b/c wavy, proud of my waves, craving for moisturize and DT's since I'm over proteined and my waves are simply flat, soft, breaking, tangling when under the shower and well I wear my hair up. I did an DT with and DIY steamer: a plastic shower cap, wet hot towel, plastic bag. But it's such a mess: Need to rewet the towell every 10 minutes and It worked some, but still not the way I wanna. It's important for my hair that the DT is really going in to my hairshaft

Now I'm about to buy this sort of thing , a

it's a hooded hairdryer, wired. Well, first of all:
does this works the same as a hairsteamer/ the Jessicurl heat towell and how do you use it to make it actually work. Won't the heat be damaging to the hair? Do you use it with a plastic cap underneath or won't the plastic cap survive this

I've done some research but I really couldn't found some good answers. I'm new to the whole DT things. Been on CG for about 3 years but since a couple of months I'm really do all the other stuff like Dt's, PT's, AVC rinces etc.

Thanks in advance