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baby, I understand, I truly do. I was 16 once (it really feels like just yesterday) and so was everyone here. I understand not wanting to cut it, it makes you feel more feminine long, your in high school, what will your classmates say? what will boys think?

here's the thing, if your hair is truly damaged (not 100% sure, but it sounds like it) you will need to cut it, no ifs ands or butts about it. and damaged long hair is not better than healthy short hair, in fact healthy short hair can be really adorable, while damaged long hair always looks a hot mess.

when I was your age, oh a decade back, I wore my hair relaxed. I had never been to a shop, my mother had been doing it since I was 4 amd she wasnt very good. I ended up with severely damaged, over processed hair. like it broke off in clumps whenever I combed, even if it wasnt tangled, and was always dry. it was uneven by INCHES, only shoulder length at its longest point, and I had no edges. but still, I was 16, I couldnt let go and have short hair! my sister's bestie was a hairstylest who said id only need to lose a couple inches, id still be chin length, a cute bob. but I couldnt! I stubbornly held on to my damaged hair for another year, until the girl just offered me a free relaxer and cut it without asking me one day (my mom put her up to it. momma wore her hair short, she thought I was being rediculous.)
by then id waited so long damn near all my hair was severly damaged and had to go. instead of a cute bob, I ended up with a toni braxton 90s era short cut (google it) I cried for days. but then I sucked it up, reminded myself that hair grows, and went to a beauty supply store. came out with a crap ton of skinny headbands, sparkley barrettes, mini butterfly claws, and lipglosses in new fun colors. and thanks to these accessories I looked fly girl, FLY. all I got was compliments.

try other methods for moisturising, hope that your hair is dry but not damaged. give the l.o.c method a shot (if you have a tighter curl pattern, what is your curl type?). but if all fails, accept that you have to rid your head of damage and do it. the longer you wait, the more time the damage has to travel up the hair strand. and like me that could lead to a shorter cut than was originally needed.

also just remember HAIR GROWS BACK, short aint permanant.
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