The Henna for Hair forum includes posts about rose water for fragrance (based on my limited search). Same thing at Henna Sooq. On the Long Hair Community Discussion Boards someone swore that rose water abolished the scent of the henna but made no claims for interaction with or enhancement to henna. But I would think the clerk is correct about it helping to release the dye somewhat, since it has a pH balance of about 4.1-4.4 (about the same as wine, but considerably less than lemon/lemon juice and significantly more than amla).

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Its mom turn for henna so i will do her treatment w/ rose water and report back.

Btw i tried following that henna thread and i just dont have the time to read through the entire thing they should do a filter and keep only useful posts. Thats why i am so glad you started this one.

ETA: congrats on your progress! I too notice growth but didnt want to say anything i figured there was no way my hair grew that fast besides i just did a trim and took off abt 1".
i guess this really is a miracle powder. I have yet to detangle ,you curlies have no idea how huge this is for me. Detangling use to be a MUST its been 2 weeks! I just wanna jump for joy

Update: did the paste and it didnt do anything for the smell. Lets see if it makes a difference for the color

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