I'm not into crockpots either but I've been thinking about buying one. I get home at almost 7 and go to sleep around 8-9 (depending on how long dinner takes). It sucks, I'd like to come home and relax instead of rushing to make dinner and eat so I can go to bed.
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There are some things I don't like from the slow cooker like anything that includes the chicken being cooked in it. It turns out gross with a weird texture so I don't use it for that. It's really handy when you have limited time or don't want to tend to anything. I like beef roast and pork roast and if I'm doing something with chicken (like a green chicken chili I've got going today) it's already cooked and just added at the end to heat through.

My neighbor was telling me that a lady she works with left some beans cooking on the stove top while SHE WAS AT WORK. They all urged her to go home immediately and check on them and she acted like it was totally fine! I'd hate to be her neighbors. That lady, she needs a slow cooker.

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