There are many things people say, but the most annoying is when people use the word 'frizzy' in place of the word 'curly'. I'm like, 'that really isn't the same thing!' and they always reply with, 'but your hair IS frizzy, it's not straight, is it?'

No! No it's not! I spend a lot of time making sure my hair isn't frizzy! It's CURLY. GET IT RIGHT! D:
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Yes I've heard that before. Lol. A co-worker told my BFF that her hair was just so frizzy. The co- worker couldn't understand why my friend looked panicked and why I adamantly said it wasn't frizzy. The co-worker meant it as a compliment as my friend had pretty wavy hair. After we explained what frizzy meant the co- worker apologized and thanked us.

The irony is that the co-worker didn't have naturally straight hair - more like 4b naturally. But my BFF who is a 2b has a sister with 3c hair who didn't know what a diffuser was. Lol
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