I think I'll try the Aphogee protein treatment then ! .. I also got a DC called "3 Minute Miracle" by Aussie, has anyone tried it?
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Yes I often use the Aussie three min miracle when I go on trips because it is a small bottle and easy to pack. Mostly I use it for de-tangling and co-washing when I do use it. If your hair is badly damaged and dry I would suggest something a bit better than the Aussie deep conditioner. I alternate my deep treatments between the Shea Moistures Deep Treatment Masque, the Nexxus Humectress Deep Conditioner, the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque and I also use the Giovanni Deep Moisture Conditioner. These are my favorites right now. When my hair had heat damage I got a cut, stopped using heat, used oil and deep treatments once a week, and a long list of other tips you can find throughout this site. My hair is healthy and waist length now so it is possible to turn things around just hang in there!

Good luck.