Neutral/Miss: This is a bit of a hair rant. O.K was in the mood for a bit of a straight hair look to switch things up. I went to this place that had my hair laid a year ago and thought why not go back? I got a rinky dinky wash, blowout, a trim (which was really a haircut because a trim, my hair did NOT need), and a press and bump with some cheap iron. My hair was poofy when complete, I requested a wrap, and got the laziest doobie, I have ever seen in my life! As I horrifyingly accepted my fate in life, the time came to pay. Wait for it!....Wait for it.....Wait for it...the price came up to $100.00! (scratching my head)
*takes a deep breath here* Seriously what was the point of that!? I came home with poofy hair that I had to "fix" myself and needless to say that person did not get no damn 100 dahlahs from moi. I cannot and I will not. /rant