I use a dryer attachment to do my deep treatments. I cover my head with a plastic cap after piling my hair at the top of my head and then I sit under my dryer attachment cap for about an hour or so. I have a hooded dryer but I find it too big and cumbersome to use, I hate taking it out. I got my dryer attachment at Sally's for about $12 and it works with the heat of your blow dryer. I got the one by Conair and it can be folded up taken with you when you travel and takes up minimal space. The heat allows me to get the most out of my deep treatment by allowing the conditioner to really absorb. I defiantly end up with more moisturized hair by using the attachment.

The only issue I have is that sometimes you have to come up with ways to keep it from popping off your head like putting a towel on top of it to weigh it down or what I do is lean my head against my chair and that works.