I am pretty sure i am 3A. I used to dye straighten and bleach my hair aloooot. it was extremly dry and damaged but never hard and clumpy on the ends.just split and so so so dry and damaged. i now wash with lukewarm water and rinse cold. i never pull on my hair. i have hard well water.

So i cut 4 inches off and my hair was soft and supple again. That was 5 months ago. So i have not dyed or been rough with my hair for 5 months.
But now, my hair is very dry on the ends. I have tried sealing with olive oil after leave in, but the hardness doesnt go away. I have only been washing my hair once or twice a week. every seccond week i use tresemme deep clean. I almost always use tremme silk protein conditioner. my hair is a bit past bra back lenth now.

i have only heat styled my hair twice in five months with a very cheap hair straightner by conair which sucks. my hair poofs WAY out and gets extremly dry MINUTES after i am done straightning. the ends are hard and all parts but the roots looks dull. even after sealing before styling or using silicones, straightning lotions etc. it gets rough looking and dry when i leave it curly to air dry.

I have been using the same conditioner the whole time.. (5 months)maybe used a different one like 4 times. but i am clarafying with deep clean every seccond week.. so cant be protein or product buildup??? i bought a hair mask and it works untill it evaporates and then im dry in hours. even when i seal... i am not in a finacial posistion to try expensive products.. sorry i am a terrible speller lol!

i cant cut my hair again, i will not i honestly have been snipping my own split ends with good sharp sissors, but their arent many like before. I am so sad that 5 months ago i cut it off thinking it would grow back beautiful and now its almost as bad without the breakage... yet