Really fine 2b/c waves that can get weighed down so easily!

I am on the porous side and I like a little protein here and there but too much makes me stringy. Anything too heavy is bad for me, I need what I call "clean moisture", nothing oily or too much, just enough for slip and clumping and a "clean gel" that just sort of holds those clumps until they dry.

Normal go-to products in most seasons and conditions is just sometimes low-poo but usually cowash with Suave Coconut and leave some in (OneC when I'm feeling spend)....and always Angell. It is the one gel that always works for me!

I needed to change things up for winter. I wasn't happy with my routine as the weather changed, at least this pulls up into a messy bun really well too!
2b (a fine 'n porous wavy)...and finally growing out :-)

Wash: Deva Low-poo
Condish and leave in: OneC or Suave Coconut

Styler: Angell or the Deva foam, sometimes KKKC

Etc: Set It Free as a refresher

Protien: Looking for one

I love hairspray...don't judge