So for about 6 months I've been using baking soda with a few drops of dr bronners liquid castille soap. I mixed it with a little bit of water, scrubbed my scalp, let it sit for a moment and rinse. Then I'd use dilluted apple cider vinegar as a rinse.

After a bit of a transition, I only wash my hair like this twice a week. I wasn't greasy or frizzy, but was kinda poofy and I didn't feel like I had a style because I was paranoid of using products. I'd like to find a way to show off my natural curls, so now I'm trying to transition to a curly girl method.

So this week I started with my normal bs and acv wash and then cowashed with vo5 conditioner every other day or so (along with plopping and only brushing in the shower). My hair has become very flat, stringy and greasy feeling. My hair feels wet for the entire day. I'm really not feeling it.

Am I doing something completely wrong? I know a lot of people have a transition phase, but I feel like I already did that since I've been sulfate and cone free for 6 months. Help!

If it is relevant, I think my hair is 2b. I think low porosity? I'm not sure on that. I let a few pieces of hair sit in water and it immediately sat on the surface of the water and did not sink.