Its mom turn for henna so i will do her treatment w/ rose water and report back.
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Cool! I bet she'll love the outcome

Btw i tried following that henna thread and i just dont have the time to read through the entire thing they should do a filter and keep only useful posts. Thats why i am so glad you started this one.
Thanks! Happy you're contributing! Phew. I know what you mean: It took me forever to wade through that monster thread.

ETA: congrats on your progress! I too notice growth but didnt want to say anything i figured there was no way my hair grew that fast besides i just did a trim and took off abt 1".
i guess this really is a miracle powder. I have yet to detangle ,you curlies have no idea how huge this is for me. Detangling use to be a MUST its been 2 weeks! I just wanna jump for joy
So happy this is working out for you For me, can't say henna or amla has sped up my growth. It seems about the same: growth that's TOO fast to keep a stylish cut looking fresh and too fast in terms of having to frequently retouch roots.

Update: did the paste and it didnt do anything for the smell. Lets see if it makes a difference for the color

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I swear nothing NOTHING can or will obliterate that smell lol ... Is she looking for much of a color difference?

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