How will the kids be eliminated if they won't be weighing?

Will it just be an off camera thing so that there isn't as much embarrassment? I know kids take things like that harder than adults so that makes sense.

Another good idea would just be to let the kids stay the entire time. No need for the health of a child to be determined by whether or not they were kicked off of a TV show. Besides, younger people usually make awesome before/after weight loss transformations so it would make for great TV anyway.

I remember a previous contestant was interviewed by some magazine saying that the producers and trainers on the show sometimes go overboard with losing weight to the point of being unhealthy just so the contestants lose the greatest amount. If that is true, I hope they have sense often to treat the children differently. Not that they should be treating the adults that way either....

I might tune in. I haven't watched in years though. Seeing what happens with the kids might be of interest to me.