I thought I was doing the CG method by conditioner only washing & finger combing but in order for it to work properly do I need to co-wash on a daily or every other day basis? I know you said you stopped using gel...do u think its better to initially start off using the gel? Thank you again for sharing your progress... I now plan to do the same...post pics after every wash etc. i think it'll help me hold myself accountable. Final question, are u able to do twist out, Bantu knots and braids outs while doing the CG method or do you have to go through training your curls before you do that?
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Being CG means not using sulfates nor silicones on your hair. So you'll basically just use products that are water soluble, as you won't have the sulfates of your (sham)poo to wash them out anymore. You'll probably need to avoid mineral oil/parafinum liquidum too since they aren't water soluble.

How often you wash your hair (either co-washing or conditioning cleansers) is up to you and your personnal preferences.

A lot of us are modified CG,meaning that we will sometimes use a low poo to get rid of build up, or some of us will even still use some cones since they feel their hair needs it.

But the most important thing is doing what works best for YOUR hair!! What works for me may not work for you at all since we all have uniques types of hair ..

Going CG is trial and error!

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