Well, after going out with a bazillion guys over the last year, I finally have my true dating horror story!

He told me that I was over the hill, that I'd end up being a cat lady in a few years (but then, to soften the blow: "no, there's still hope..."). He said that in a couple of years I wouldn't have any guys sending me messages. Well, maybe 70 year-olds, since men only like younger women, but unfortunately not many senior citizens are computer-savvy. When I said that I had dated some younger guys, he suggested that younger guys would only date someone my age if they were looking for a sugar mama.

He said that he had past lives (& he told me the intricate details of them--actually this is what he opened with). He also talked THE WHOLE TIME & never asked me anything about myself. He joked about being crazy in a way that suggested he didn't really think he was crazy but, yeah, he was clearly mentally ill.

Honestly, I can't even remember all of the nutty things he said. These are just a few of them.

I had a feeling that I shouldn't have accepted the date but I thought, you know, he seems eccentric but what's the harm? And I guess there wasn't any harm done. It was a waste of time but it was also freaking hilarious. Probably worth it for the entertainment value!
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