My hair has been the same length since I was about 12, I'm 18 now. It goes, because I have this blonde streak in my bangs, and I have to touch up the regrowth, but it's the same length. I've wanted long hair for years, and I can't get it.

The ends of my hair are pretty damaged. But, for me to get rid of everything that is damaged, I would end up with awkward above the chin bob type afro. My hair is about half an inch past my collarbone

I've tried everything. advice?
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You say that your hair is damaged, so the way to correct that or at least help you retain length so you could grow out the damaged hair would be to start HEALING your hair. If you don't want to cut off all the damaged hair just yet, try cutting off maybe just a few inches and then wait 6 months and the trim some more off.

Meanwhile you'll want to focus on deep treatments whether they be moisturizing or protein. Since it sounds like you have have damage from bleaching, I would suggest a protein treatment maybe every other week followed by moisturizing treatment (deep condition). And then deep condition your hair a few times week to gain back some of the moisture you lost.

Also, protective styling might work. Try a messy bun or top knot with a silk scrunchie (tuck your ends underneath to protect them from the elements!)

These are just my suggestions, I had the same problem with breakage, but from straightening and this is what helped me heal my hair and retain length so I could grow. Take what I said and tweak it so it works for your hair.

You'll only learn what works through trial and error.

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