Totally missed it the same as the adult version (hours of exercise daily, calorie counting)? Is there elimination after all? How old are the kids?

This has the potential to be really, really awful. The Biggest Loser model is not a good way to approach weight loss IMO it looks dangerous and unsustainable. Not to mention kids are just developing their views of weight and eating.....I could see this (really ANY severe dieting in childhood) as possibly triggering eating disorders or at LEAST food issues. I also hate to see kids on treadmills and things all day - exercise for kids should come in the form of playing tag till you drop, and swimming and racing and sports and riding real bikes outside.

Also is there still the money aspect to this? That seems like a lot of pressure to put on kids (if you don't lose weight, your family won't get this money! You must win for your family!)

The again I haven't seen the show so maybe they've altered it and none of this is an issue....

4a?? Maybe 3c...some 4b??? No clue

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