I just can not get over it! are you kidding me? These are grown adult women! why the effe cant they use the bathroom properly? just to get an idea of how bad the bathroom must have been (i never use that bathroom because those women are nasty and i have seen it look like they were figure painting in there, just nasty) if our boss had to send out an email!

"...The current situationis dangerously unhygienic. If these incidents are the result not ofillness, but of something more purposeful, be aware that this is unacceptableand offensive. Disciplinary action may be appropriate if thiscontinues. It is important to keep this common area as safe and sanitaryas possible. Furthermore, the current situation conveys disrespect towardfellow employees...."

what kind of illness would result in a grown woman or women to do something to cause the bathroom to have to be closed off?