^Whatever brought this on, it is utterly and completely justified.
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The woman I carpool with listens to his show every. ****ing. Morning. So every. ****ing. Morning, I have to listen to him butchering songs because his singing is so "funny." And then I have to listen to his misogynistic jokes and advice (because there are women in this world who think a man who's been divorced multiple times is the one to go to for advice on their love lives). And then I have to listen to the his sycophants go on and on about how funny he is. And then I have to listen to the prank call of the day, a large proportion of which are women being made to believe their husbands are cheating on them. One time they pretended to be a pharmacist, and they called a man to tell him his wife's HIV medication was ready, because what's funnier than making a person believe he's been exposed by his wife to a deadly virus, and the possibility that the person will hang up the phone and go after his wife, am I right?
Eres o te haces?